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FREN 45.03 De la motérialité : the Body in 19th-century French Literature

At first glance a simple thing, seen “à la loupe” the body reveals itself a complex location where our links to our selves, the world, and our unavoidable otherness are situated and complicated. This course proposes a critical study of an omnipresent object/subject in the the poetry, prose, and visual texts of nineteenth-century France to think about the sorts of claims we can make about the body, and the sorts of claims they make upon us. Readings from poetry, visual texts, prose, from Romanticism to Decadence; Manet, Courbet, Caillebotte, revolutionary caricature. Excerpts of Foucault, Marx, Freud, Merleau-Ponty, Elisabeth Grosz, Jacques Rancière, Jean-Luc Nancy, Didi-Huberman


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