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ENGS 5 Healthcare and Biotechnology in the 21st Century

Technologies that will impact healthcare in the 21st century are explored, including biology, robotics, and information. Biotechnologies are explored that will be used for the treatment of diseases and the regeneration of missing organs and limbs. Robotics will be explored that will replace parts. This will include artificial organs, robots as replacement for human parts, the human genome project, gene therapy, biomaterials, genetic engineering, cloning, transplantation (auto, allo and xeno), limb regeneration, man-machine interfaces, robotics, prosthetic limbs, artificial organs and joints. This section will also cover ethical issues related to the above topics and issues regarding the FDA and the approval of new medical treatments. We will discuss going beyond normal with respect to the senses, muscles and creating wings. Enrollment is limited to 75 students. No Prerequisite.


Rosen, Robbie

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