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AMES 55.03 Political Economy of Development in the Middle East

The economies of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have historically enjoyed unique roles in their relationship to the global economy: either as colonies or dependencies, with their economies geared toward the interests of the métropole or, more recently, as peripheral economies after their independence, or as energy suppliers to the world. This course focuses on the challenges and opportunities of the most current phase of globalization economies in MENA face that started with the oil boom of 2003. We investigate initially the prognostications of the Washington Consensus, particularly its central argument that the need for neo-liberal reform in the region would led to, and be reinforced, by political liberalization. Using institutional theories, we then discuss how a unique combination of historical legacies, the nature of resources, and financial crisis, led to a re-evaluation of development paradigms in MENA that increasingly included attention to good governance and human resource development. The case studies include distinct sets of countries across the region: the Arab republics, the MENA monarchies, and the Arab Gulf countries. The final section of the course looks at the interaction between national, regional, and global economies of the region.



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Not offered for the period of 17F through 19S: D.F.S.P., in Fez, Morocco