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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

AMES 41.01 Feminism, Islam and Modernity in the Muslim World

This course examines the relationship between feminism in relation to Islam and state modernizing projects in modern nations-states of the Middle East and North Africa. We will identify problems and promises in theoretical paradigms and methodologies of writing about MENA women in feminist scholarship. We will study how the condition of MENA women have been shaped by the gendered nature of nationalist, Islamic, and imperialist discourses and how women have responded and participated in national debates, pious movements, social struggles, global impacts, and with feminism to voice their rights, narrate their selfhood, and articulate their own desires. Topics include: the family, veil, ritual, dance, education, citizenship, law, marriage, women’s work, and activism. Case studies are from a variety of modern Arab or Muslim states with a strong focus on Egypt, including Algeria, Iran, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, and Sudan.



Cross Listed Courses

WGSS 52.03

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