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JAPN 61.08 Japan’s Postwar Popular Culture: Godzilla’s Revenge

Japan today is seen worldwide through the lens of its popular culture, which includes manga (graphic novels), anime (animation), film, pulp fiction, music and video games. This course will examine this popular culture in the context of Japan’s postwar history as a country rising from the rubble of WW II to its status as an “economic animal” and the economic recession of the 1990s. What was the nature of popular culture’s relationship to its historical moment and the evolving status of “high-brow” culture? How has the globalization of the phenomenon changed both the nature of that culture and the image of Japan held by the rest of the world? Topics to be addressed include the dynamics of high- and low-brow genres; the delineation of race, gender, and national identity in popular culture; the nature of culture in post-industrial consumer capitalism, and translation. No knowledge of the Japanese language required.



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