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JAPN 61.07 Transgression and Canonization in Modern Japanese Literature

This course explores the rich and multifaceted relationship between various types of transgressions (political, sexual, aesthetic, stylistic etc.) and the formation of the canon in modern and contemporary Japanese literature. How do we determine what qualifies as transgressive, and what kinds of transgressions appear within different literatures? How does something transgressive become canonized, or otherwise, why is it excluded from the canon(s)? What factors, strategies, and politics inform literary canon(s) and how are they changing? Through close readings and analyses of diverse literary texts together with influential theories on transgression within the changing socio-cultural, historical, and political context of Japan, this class will attempt to seek a better understanding of these and other issues related to the transgressive within and beyond the Japanese literary canon. No prior knowledge of Japanese is required for this course, although students with sufficient proficiency are welcome to refer to original sources.

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