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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

CHIN 44.04 Reading, Translation, and Culture

This course is designed to advance the student’s communicative skills in a bilingual situation, viz., Chinese and English, as well as the student’s reading and writing abilities in Chinese in today’s ever interculturally conscious world. The topics that we will examine include (but are not limited to) some of the basic questions and issues with which English-speaking, young adult students of the Chinese language frequently deal: Chinese semantics, syntax, grammar, style and rhetoric (including metaphor); the Chinese writing system; and last but not least the relationship between language and culture. The course will be conducted in both Chinese and English, depending on the linguistic proficiency of the students in the class. Readings will include books and articles in both English and Chinese.



Distributive and/or World Culture

Dist:LIT; WCult:NW

The Timetable of Class Meetings contains the most up-to-date information about a course. It includes not only the meeting time and instructor, but also its official distributive and/or world culture designation. This information supersedes any information you may see elsewhere, to include what may appear in this ORC/Catalog or on a department/program website. Note that course attributes may change term to term therefore those in effect are those (only) during the term in which you enroll in the course.


Not offered in the period from 17F through 19S