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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

ARAB 81.03 Images of the West in the Arabic Novel

This course analyzes the ways Arabic novelists have constructed the image the “West”

and the socio-political function this image has served in Arab society. We will read ten

representative works by writers from Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Sudan, Palestine, and

Iraq. Written over more than half a century, these novels present different—sometimes

contradictory—perspectives on the “West.” Some of these novels are focused primarily

on East-West relations while others represent the West in the context of large-scale sociocultural

transformations in the Middle East and broader global political dynamics. To

anchor our discussion of the topic and to broaden our knowledge of the ways Arabic

literature has depicted the “West,” we will also read a variety of critical texts that explore

the image of the West in the Arab world.

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Not offered in the period from 17F through 19S