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ARAB 10 Introduction to Arabic Culture

This course is an introduction to Arab-Islamic culture, with an emphasis on the modern period. We will begin in the pre-Islamic period and then trace the development of Arab culture from the rise of Islam until the nineteenth century, when the region faced a deep crisis in determining the direction of cultural, social, and political reforms. With this foundation, we will cover the twentieth century, surveying the development of modern Arab culture and identity through widespread ideological debates and historical trends. These include immigration, nationalism, modernity, revolution, war, and terrorism. Our texts will focus on the experience of individual countries, such as Egypt, Iraq, and Algeria, but we will also contextualize them with pan-regional trends. Although historical readings will provide essential context for our discussions, our primary texts this term are novels, films, and other forms of cultural expression. The goal of this course is to provide you with a solid background not only in the development of Arabic literature, culture, and identity, but also in the origins, developments, and dynamics of the pivotal issues facing the region today.



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AMES 004

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