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ARTH 40.05 Latinx Art & Activist Print Media

Since the late 1960s, printmaking and print cultures have been at the center of constructing identity discourses for Latinx communities in the United States. Through the analysis of prints, political graphics, comics, zines, and ephemera, we will study how the printed image negotiates relations of power. From posters of United Farm Worker boycotts and broadsides of the Young Lords to contemporary prints that narrate stories of migration and belonging, we will delve into graphic media and consider notions of authorship (collective/individual), activism, display, dissemination, consumption, collecting, and technology. Students will learn to think critically and empathetically about how these collective modes of art-making foreground the politics of representation: what we see, how we see, who gets to control our image, and how can printed multiples challenge those narratives. Students will enhance their skills in visual analysis and writing, gain experience in collaborative printmaking, and refine their ability to conduct original research. No prerequisites or prior knowledge of Art History and Latinx Studies is required for the course.

Cross Listed Courses

LATS 012

Degree Requirement Attributes

Dist:ART; WCult:CI

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