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ANTH 50.08 Politics of Language in Modern Japan

This course examines linguistic practice as a mediator of sociopolitical interests in contemporaty Japan. Drawing on linguistic anthropology, sociolinguistics, literary studies, and semiotics, we seek to understand complex conditions of power relations that shape and are shaped by the way people in Japan communicate ('pragmatics') and reflexively talk about communication ('meta-pragmatics'). Our basic aim is to analytically delineate the metapragmatic/hegemonic stereotype of Japan as a homogeneous ethnolinguistic community and to consider critical alternatives to it. We will explore ethnographic accounts of heterogeneous sites of language-in-use, and address issues such as language standardization, globalization, gender and race relations, subcultures, affect, political economy, etc. Students will learn not just about various sites of linguistic activity in and about Japan, but they will also learn how to situate the Japanese linguistic modernity in a crosscultural, comparative, historical perspective.

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Not offered in the period from 15F through 16S