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ANTH 12.13 Moving House in Prehistory

Societies care about migration. It matters to us when people move into (or out of) our places. We think carefully about how to react to new bodies—whether they are students arriving at our universities, migrant workers following job opportunities, or refugees fleeing across borders. We intuitively grasp that the movements of people can have wide-ranging consequences for the sending societies, receiving societies, and the migrants themselves. Yet somehow, there is a tendency to think about migration in the past in more simplistic terms. In this class, we will apply our nuanced ways of understanding modern mobility to the archaeological past. By addressing the motives, mechanisms, and outcomes of migration through the lens of material culture, we will see how archaeologists can situate past migrations at the forefront of social theory. Our primary focus will be on method and theory, rather than the details of any specific migration. Serious engagement with the weekly readings is necessary to begin tackling seemingly straightforward questions including: How are archaeologists dealing with migration? How aren’t they? How should they? And how can they? 

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