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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2018-19

PH 263 Practicum 3

The TDI Hybrid MPH includes a concurrent practicum course that runs throughout the entire program, combining aspects of both the Master’s thesis and internship.  Students develop and execute their own individual practicum with faculty support, focusing on a specific problem area or question. Skills gained in the program serve to improve health and/or health care, develop or refine policy, or generate new knowledge in a real-world setting.  Using systems thinking, qualitative and quantitative methods, along with effective inquiry, student practicums will provide actionable insights and feasible recommendations.

3 credits each; (CT, NC)

Required for Online MPH


Tina Foster, and Meghan Longacre Additional faculty: Daisy Goodman, Stuart Grande, Natalie Riblet, Scott Shipman, Thom Walsh


Year 2 Semester 1