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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

PH 201 Foundations of Population Health

In this course, students are introduced to 5 key topic areas, to be re-visited throughout the curriculum. These are: US Healthcare structure and policy, Social Determinants, Study Design, and Understanding Data, Health Economics, Coproduction of Healthcare, and Ethics. Core areas of focus will begin by exploring commonly used health behavior models. Emphasis will be on understanding healthcare delivery systems and the linkages to social and behavioral determinants of health. Students will also receive an introduction to research design and program implementation, basic supply/demand curves as well as an overview of the health insurance marketplace and healthcare payment models. Students completing this course will be fluent in health care policy language, the systems that govern payment and service delivery as well as the individual and community factors that impact population health. Students will also have gain skills to critically assess quality and applicability of research for use in practice.  They will be able to identify and define ethical issues in the context of public health, as well as apply the tools of ethical reasoning to those issues.  

9 credits; (HP, P, LP, NC)

Required for Online MPH


Craig Westling, Carolyn Murray, Robin Larson, Leila Agha, Jon Skinner, Adrienne Faerber, Paul Batalden, Daisy Goodman, Bill Nelson


Year 1 Semester 1