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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2018-19

PH 197-199 Directed Research

Students may participate in a Directed Research course through arrangements with a faculty member. “Directed” coursework involves a specific research proposal and is subject to approval by an approved TDI faculty supervisor and the Director of Student Learning (for Masters degree students) or the Chair of their program (for PhD students).

When the intended work to be accomplished is considered to be ‘deep background’ reading for the student’s general training or topic, choose directed readings courses (PH 186-189); see separate guidelines. On the other hand, if the literature review to be accomplished is intended to be primarily directly related to preparing a dissertation or other research project, use the directed research courses. Also use directed research for preparing the PhD proposal and for carrying out all research activities for design, analysis, and writing up the findings.

All terms: By arrangement (HP/P/LP/NC)

PH 197 is four credits; PH 198 is eight credits; PH 199 is twelve credits.

Prerequisites for Masters degree students: Core courses or permission of the Associate Director of Education and an Approved Proposal. To obtain approval of proposal, submit to Center for Education the Research cover sheet and proposal with an electronic signature or email from the proposed TDI faculty supervisor.