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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2018-19

PH 113 Health Policy, Communications, & leading Change

The course begins with an investigation into how health policy is shaped by legislation, regulations and the courts. After understanding the process, students choose a policy topic they care about and begin to build a persuasive advocacy strategy for making the change they want to see happen. The course then delves deeply into theories of change and effective communication. A golden thread of communication runs through the entire course, with the aim of helping students build the skills needed to articulate messages in a persuasive, effective way.

Each course assignment is a piece of the final project, which is a policy advocacy strategy that includes: an analysis of a policy issue, a summary of relevant research, a stakeholder analysis, an advocacy campaign plan, a metrics-based evaluation plan, and prepared written and oral communication points that target different populations. Once all the pieces are together, each student will have created a map to manifest their desired change and execute their plan.

4 credits (HP, P, LP, NC)


Craig Westling, Manish Mishra


Spring - Day/Time to be determined