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PH 111 Critical Issues in Health and Health Care

This course is designed to provide an opportunity for all newly-enrolled Master's students to develop a foundational understanding of critical issues in health and health care today, especially as they relate to key aspects of the research and practice of TDI. The course will use lectures and a series of case studies, discussed from both the public health and health care delivery perspectives, to provide grounding in issues that can be explored in depth during the rest of the academic year. Students will explore how to improve the health of a population, the boundaries and financing of the US health care system, and different methods used to analyze and present solutions to problems in health and health care.

4 credits; (HP, P, LP, NC)

*Core Requirement for MPH and MS

 Prerequisites: None


Paul Gardent


Summer - Fridays 8:00 am - 12:00 pm