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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

QBS 270 Quantitative Biomedical Sciences Seminar Series and Journal Club

All first year QBS graduate students are required to enroll in the Quantitative Biomedical Sciences Journal Club except in the summer term; however it is encouraged that QBS graduate students attend this journal club in subsequent years. An essential element of scientific training is in the critical analysis and communication of experimental research in an oral format.

 Fall (QBS194) : Biostatistics

This is a 1 credit hour course that discusses new findings and applications in biostatistics and data science. The format comprises a monthly seminar from a faculty member, usually from an external location and presentations in the format of a journal club for the remainder of the weekly meetings. The journal club format is an informal structure in which students present one or possibly two manuscripts (if two manuscripts will be discussed they must be thematically related).

Winter: Epidemiology

Graduate level journal club focused on interpreting scientific literature specific to epidemiological and biomedical research studies. Students will learn about the key aspects of a scientific study, how to critically evaluate epidemiological and biomedical research studies and how to effectively communicate study findings to others. Students will meet weekly and discuss one to two publications. Publications will cover key epidemiological and study design concepts. Students will be expected to read publications before each class and be prepared to discuss the studies as a group.


The critical analysis and communication of experimental research in an oral format is an essential element of scientific training. Students in the QBS journal club will take turns selecting  and presenting recently published journal papers related to their research interests. The presentation should include a brief discussion of the significance of the paper as well as a description of the methods used. While the presenter should be prepared to lead the discussion, members of the journal club are expected to come with questions about the paper. These questions can focus on methods, discussion, and interpretation of the results and their implications. This course will meet for a 1.5-hour discussion every week.



Amos, Gui, Emond, Frost, Hassanpour

Cross Listed Courses

Computional Biology Journal Club


17F M 12-1pm, 18W W TBA, 18S 12-1:30pm