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QBS 147 Genomics: From Data to Analysis

Massive amounts of genomic data pervade 21st century life science. Physicians now
assess the risk and susceptibility of their patients to disease by sequencing the patient’s
genome. Scientists design possible vaccines and treatments based on the genomic
sequences of viruses and bacterial pathogens. Better-yielding crop plants are assessed
by sequencing their transcriptomes. Moreover, we can more fully explore the roots of
humanity by comparing our genomes to those of our close ancestors (e.g., Neanderthals,
Denisovans). In this course, students will address real-world problems using the tools of
modern genomic analyses. Each week students will address a problem using different
types of genomic data, and use the latest analytical technologies to develop answers.
Topics will include pairwise genome comparisons, evolutionary patterns, gene expression
profiles, genome-wide associations for disease discovery, non-coding RNAs, natural
selection at the molecular level, and metagenomic analyses.



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