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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

QBS 125 Biomedical Informatics

This is a graduate-level course in health informatics designed to teach the fundamental knowledge of informatics theory and practice required to read and, with further study, contribute to the literature. An in-depth overview of current informatics methodologies and technologies will be provided, including electronic health records and health data standards, workflow analysis, system design, as well as applications in clinical trial patient accrual. The basic elements of health information technology and network design rationale will be introduced. Data standardization strategies will be discussed in the context of the clinical enterprise, as well as relevant advanced techniques like data warehousing, computational phenotyping, as well as applications in artificial intelligence and simulation tools for health informatics research. The emphasis will be on theory used in modern applications in biomedical sciences, including genomics, epidemiology, and clinical and health services research. Each session will include a lecture by the instructor as well as discussion of one relevant scientific paper, presented by a student(s). A number of technologies currently available at Dartmouth will be leveraged during class as examples.


Dr. Alfredo Tirado-Ramos


Programming: Basic proficiency in Python.