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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2018-19

Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine

Director: Hermes H. Yeh

Faculty: Professors G. Bosco, D.J. Bucci, M. Cole, A.R. Eastman, R.I. Enelow, S. Fiering, L.A. Flashman, V.A. Galton, R. Granger, A.I. Green, W.R. Green, P.M. Guyre, L.P. Henderson, A.L. Howell, B. Jobst,  W.B. Kinlaw, P. Kuppusamy, S.D. Leach, J.C. Leiter, L.D. Lewis, C.H. Lowrey, R.A. Maue, W.G. North, A.R. Pachner, W.F.C. Rigby, H.M. Swartz, J.S. Taube, G.J. Tsongalis, H.H. Yeh; Associate Professors A. Ashare, B.C. Christensen, A. Gaur, A.T. Gulledge, P.E. Holzheimer,  A.N. Kettenbach,  A. Li,  B.W. Luikart, T.W. Miller, R.B. Robey, Y. Sanchez, M.R. Spaller, R.V. Stan, M.P. Vincenti, H.A. Wishart; Assistant Professors A.S. Andrew, R. Chou,  W.T. Doucette, D. Gilbert-Diamond, F. Gilli, M.C. Havrda, M.B. Hoppa, S.L. Lee, K. Nautiyal, M.N. Passarelli, D.R. Pattabiraman, P.A. Pioli, C.R. Tomlinson; M. van der Meer.


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Requirements for the Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.)

To qualify for award of the Ph.D. degree, a student must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Satisfactory completion of the following required courses:

    PEMM 101. Scientific Basis of Disease I

    PEMM 102. Scientific Basis of Disease II

    PEMM 103. Biostatistics

    PEMM 124. Ethical Conduct of Research