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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2017-18

MALS 277 Coloring Gender

Taking its point of departure from the different waves of the women’s movement, this course will trace multiple feminisms and a wide range of gender issues that have been largely sidelined or ignored by mainstream feminism. It will add “color” to gender by focusing on minority groups in the US, such as African American, Latina, Native American women, and their take on feminism and gender, especially in relation to race, ethnicity, and nation. Conversely, it will also include feminism’s work on racism by addressing the issue of women’s collaboration in white supremacy discourse, both in the US and racist Nazi Germany. Furthermore, the course will explore other trans/national contemporary debates within feminism, amongst them ecofeminism as well as women and postcolonialism, indigeneity, and religion (e.g. Islam).


Regine Rosenthal