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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2018-19

HCDS 230 Shared Decision Making

In the domain of patient decision-making discussion will focus on the role and appraisal of patient literacy and numeracy; risk communication (including such concepts as relative versus absolute risk, survival versus mortality, and balanced framing); shared decision-making; decision quality (including requisite knowledge and concordance of choice with personal values); effective care (recommended) versus preference-sensitive decisions (dependent on personal values) where there is no wrong answer. Additionally, the course will demonstrate how to design more effective health communications by using patient insights on decision-making and will assess the impact of these improvements at the institutional level. At the population level, students will explore legislative and other efforts nationally and internationally to move from a doctrine of informed consent to informed choice, and the impact of this change on both patients and health policy.


Alice Andrews and Dale Collins Vidal


Term 1 (UG Winter)