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HCDS 120 Finance Essentials for Leaders in Health Care Delivery

This foundational course develops a framework with tools and models to enable participants to make value-enhancing financial decisions in health care delivery by developing the relevant ideas in three stages. The first stage (financial accounting) will build participants' skills in interpreting, analyzing, and forecasting financial statements (the income statement, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows). The second stage (corporate finance) will advance and synthesize the ideas from the first by building skills to make investment and financing decisions, as well as to value businesses. Topics include free cash flow and capital budgeting, different sources of financing to fund investments, cost of capital/ hurdle rates, and tools to value businesses using cases/examples of strategic partnerships and acquisitions in the health care delivery sector. The third stage (managerial accounting) will develop skills in the use of financial information to measure, evaluate, control, and plan future management decisions. Key topics include understanding the relation between volumes, costs and profits, financial planning, budgeting and control systems, standard costs and variances, cost allocation, and activity-based costing systems.


Anant Sundaram and Eric Wadsworth


Term 1 (UG Fall)