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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

EEES 160 Earth System Modeling

Held concurrently with GEOG 60.  What will Earth look like in 2100?  Scientists rely on the most sophisticated computer programs on Earth - climate models - to answer such questions.  This applications-based class introduces the concepts (theory and practicalities) related to the science and art of numerical modeling generally, and process-based modeling for climate science specifically.  Models are prevalent and powerful tools that can reveal fundamental insights about complex phenomena, but are not themselves reality.  We will build and work with a range of models, from simple, zero-dimensional radiation balance models to compiling and running fully-coupled global-scale Earth System Models experiments on a supercomputer.  Together in this hands-on class, we will learn the potentials and pitfalls of modeling more generally, while positioning a rational evaluation of models and their place in society, especially around predictions of climate change.