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EEES 136 Ecology and Society Interdisciplinary Workshop

The EEES Interdisciplinary Workshop on Ecology and Society brings together scholars from across Dartmouth College whose research focuses on the social and cultural processes influencing environmental outcomes. Bringing an interdisciplinary approach allows participants to engage with different theories, methods, and approaches of human environment scholarship and better understand the cross-cutting themes emerging across the environmental social sciences. From global climate change, habitat loss and species

endangerment, desertification and deforestation, and the effects of rapid urbanization across the globe, a range of academic debates over sustainability and the future of nature-society interactions in the Anthropocene have emerged. Yet it is this very idea of the Anthropocene as a conceptual frame utilized across the sciences and in a variety of contexts that the evolving human–environment relationship is being discussed and understood. Further, the Anthropocence concept has brought to light the disciplinary divides across the physical and social sciences, and humanities. This workshop provides an interdisciplinary space for graduate students to explore and understand these emerging themes and to better understand the emerging opportunities and challenges for interdisciplinary work.




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