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New Undergraduate Course Supplement 2019

PORT 8 Language and Culture: Brazilian Portraits

Students in this course will practice the Portuguese language by researching, analyzing, and discussing the portraits of well-known and ordinary Brazilians. Through the study of a broad range of written, visual, and audio/oral texts in Portuguese, students will examine the portrait as genre in literature, journalism, popular music, film, photography and the fine arts. Fictional and non-fictional life stories of Brazilians will serve as a window on the cultural, geographic and socioeconomic diversity within Brazil’s society. Throughout the term, students will produce written and oral portraits in Portuguese that will eventually be bound together in hand-made books. This course will also review important points of grammar and expand considerably students’ vocabulary in Portuguese. Reading, listening, speaking and writing assignments will develop their ability to communicate in clear, correct and idiomatic Portuguese.

Distributive and/or World Culture

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