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New Undergraduate Course Supplement 2018

COLT 10.22 Body Genres: Horror and Melodrama in Fiction and Film

What might be the similarities between the genres of horror and melodrama, and how would we begin to think about them comparatively?  While both genres have often been scorned as low-brow entertainment, these kinds of narratives may also play with a certain amount of subversive self-awareness. How is dramatic “excess” expressed in texts -- from mise en scène and campiness, to the uncanniness of horror and the representation of the unbelievable – and what might be the relation of this excessiveness to specifically gendered bodily experiences?  Texts may include works by Racine, Balzac, Shirley Jackson, and Stephen King, and films by Hitchcock, Sirk, Kubrick, Almodóvar, and Jordan Peele.  

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