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New Undergraduate Course Supplement 2018

GRK 30 The End of the World: Jewish and Christian Apocalyptic Literature in the Hellenistic Era

The Hellenistic era was a period of remarkable theological and literary creativity within the Jewish and Christian communities, including the development of a unique genre, apocalyptic literature. Apocalyptic texts, which portend a catastrophic end to the world, are notoriously difficult to interpret due to their use of fantastical imagery and often cryptic symbolism.  In this class we will explore several texts in depth, including portions of Daniel from the Hebrew scriptures, the Book of Enoch from the Maccabean period, the Apocalypse of John (Revelation) from the Christian scriptures, and the 2nd century Christian text Apocalypse of Peter. In addition to learning how to read apocalyptic literature, we will examine the socio-historical context of these texts, their relationship to communities under duress and how they have been reimagined by later generations.

No knowledge of Greek is required for the class.  A basic understanding of Hellenistic Greek will be provided for students without any background. Students with prior Greek training will read the texts in the original language.

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