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New Undergraduate Course Supplement 2018

AAAS 36.50 Rasta and Rastafari

This course examines the Rastafari spiritual and political movement from its genesis in Jamaica to its transformation into a global phenomenon. Today’s perception of Rastafari is informed by popular images of marijuana smoking, reggae musicians and a laid-back lifestyle. Consequently, Rasta is often mistaken for practicing a countercultural phenomenon of no global significance, a poster child for the undesirable other, or merely a misguided rebel. Rastafari however, is significantly more profound. Rastafari has offered, cloaked in revolutionary black hermeneutics, some of the sharpest critiques against European imperialism and exploitation. Despite the presence of burgeoning scholarship, Rasta’s global significance remains hidden in the fissures of most historical discourses and behind the haze of marijuana smoke created by popular understandings of the movement. This course employs monographs, scholarly articles, documentary films and primary sources and music to and explore Rastafarian ideologies that among other things, promoted decolonization while decrying racism and imperialism. It is open to students seeking to broaden their knowledge of religions and socio-political movements in the African diaspora.

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