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New Course Supplement 2016

PSYC 53.12 The Behavior of Groups

Much of your life is spent in groups: families, classes, teams, cliques, Greek organizations, work teams.  Have you ever wondered what’s going on under the surface or how you can make your groups function better?  Although these groups may be dissimilar in size, format, and function, the psychological processes involved are surprisingly consistent.  This course will analyze psychological theories of group interaction including conformity, competition, conflict, leadership, negotiation, communication, power dynamics, status orders, initiation rites, ostracism, expectation states, and stereotypes.  Readings will include classics such as Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison experiment, Tajfel’s minimalist groups paradigm, Sherif’s Robber’s Cave experiment, Whyte’s Street Corner Society, and Pennington’s Social Psychology of Behavior in Small Groups. Assignments will involve several reading analyses, a final exam, and—of course—a group project.

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