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New Course Supplement 2016

COSC 49.03 Lower Bounds in Computer Science

In this course we shall study things that computers cannot do. In a typical Algorithms course we learn several ingenious techniques to solve problems efficiently. In contrast, in this course we shall learn how to prove that certain problems cannot be solved too efficiently. For example, you probably know that a set of n integers can be sorted using O(n log n) comparisons. We shall now learn how to prove that O(n log n) is the best we can hope to do: in other words, (n log n) is a lower bound on the number of comparisons required to sort.

During the course we shall survey lower bound results from a wide range of areas in Computer Science. Broadly, we shall study decision trees, Boolean circuits, and communication protocols. We shall consider simple looking problems from each of these areas but, as we shall learn, even innocent looking lower bound results can be quite a challenge to prove.

Proving lower bounds requires a puzzle-solving bent of mind rather than extensive knowledge of Algorithms; this course will involve quite different ways of thinking than CS 31. A love of mathematical reasoning always helps, but we will not be using any advanced mathematics itself.

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