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New Course Supplement 2016

AMES 41.13 Jews and Arabs: Entangled Histories

In this course we’ll read memoirs written by Jews in various places and circumstances during the twentieth century. Some came to the U.S. or went to Canada or Israel; others were trapped or chose to remain in Europe. Still others were born in places from which they never emigrated, and yet their narratives reveal some of the same questions raised in the work of those who did. All of them lived either on the fringe or with the uncertainty that was a condition of their lives, laboring under the stress of assimilation, displacement, or a threat to their survival. Who were these individuals, and what do their personal narratives offer about themselves, their communities, and their time? Did their dual participation in society contribute to an enriched or problematic identity? What did they create from their ambiguous or excluded status? We’ll also look at the role memoir has played in Jewish life. Does it have a long tradition, or have Jews avoided presentations of the self? Where do memory and survival intersect? How does each writer see him or herself—as a conveyor of individual or collective memory? To what extent is writing rescue of the past, and to what extent affirmation of a future? Readings will include sections, to be selected, of the following. Dates will be assigned before the start of the term. Selections will be accompanied by supplementary readings.

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