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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2016-17

Final Grades

Whether or not there is a final examination, the instructor submits grades not later than four days after the end of the final examination period, subject only to the following stipulation: in those courses in which there is the requirement of a term paper or overall project, but no final examination, instructors may defer the required date for students to submit this work as late into the examination period as they may find convenient, provided that the final grades are nonetheless reported to the Registrar not later than four days after the close of the examination period. If, however, the paper or project is to be submitted prior to the beginning of the examination period, the final grades are to be reported not later than five days after the start of the examination period. For all final examinations scheduled after the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving Day in the fall term, the instructor reports final grades to the Registrar not later than the Wednesday after Thanksgiving Day.

Several days thereafter, the Office of the Registrar posts final grades. At that time, students may access their grades on BannerStudent. Should you wish to learn a grade prior to this you must obtain it from your instructor. By vote of the Faculty every instructor has the obligation to make grades available to the students; the instructor may leave grades with an administrator, ask you to supply a self-addressed postcard, or use any other convenient method that does not violate confidentiality. The Office of the Registrar will not supply these grades; such is done only in the case of standings of Incomplete for which grades have since been assigned.

The assignment of final grades is the responsibility of the instructor. A student who questions the appropriateness of a grade should confer with the instructor. If the instructor agrees, he or she will make a written request, with the approval and co-signature of the department/program chair, to the Registrar; the request must indicate one or more specific ways in which the student was done an injustice. A simple change of mind will not suffice. 

Should the Registrar not approve this petition, the instructor may appeal to the Dean of the Faculty. If the instructor declines to request a change in grade, the student may seek aid in turn from the chair, the Associate Dean of the Faculty for the appropriate division, and the Dean of the Faculty; it is unusual for such appeal to go beyond the chair. 

All student appeals for change of grade must be initiated by the last day of the term following that in which the course was taken. The grade change request must be submitted by the instructor to the Registrar by the last day of the second term following the term in which the course was taken. 

No change in grade may be made on the grounds of course work completed after the term in which the course was offered other than in the case of an official incomplete. No change in grade may be made after a student has been graduated other than in the case of clerical, computational or other similar administrative error. It can only be initiated by the department/program chair within one year of the student’s graduation.