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PSYC 10 Experimental Design, Methodology, and Data Analysis Procedures

This course is concerned with the various ways whereby empirical information is obtained and analyzed in psychology. Coverage will include the design of experiments and surveys, their execution, and the statistical tasks required to make sense of the data obtained using these techniques. There will be both lecture and discussion sections; independent projects will be required. The discussions and projects will include everyday applied problems as well as more traditional psychological problems.


Hull, Pfister


PSYC 1 or 6 (may be taken concurrently). Because of the large overlap in material covered, no student may receive credit for more than one of the courses ECON 10, GEOG 10, GOVT 10, MATH 10, MSS 15 or MSS 45, PSYC 10, or SOCY 10 except by special petition. Cannot be taken concurrently with PSYC 11.




13X:10; 13F, 14S:9L; 14X: 10; 14F,15S