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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2022-23

Preparation for Graduation

A Dartmouth student of the Class of 1988 or later class is eligible for graduation at the end of any term in which he or she has completed at least six terms in residence with course count of at least thirty-five and the various other requirements, including the completion of the major as certified by the major department or program.

Students whose enrollment patterns indicate that they plan to receive the degree during the current academic year must apply for the degree. Students are annually notified of deadlines and instructions for this process. The student must indicate exact plans for completing the minimum 35 credits required, that is, by what combination of R, O, X, and T study the total will be achieved. Students who have studied elsewhere and failed to supply a suitable transcript of credits eligible for transfer, and certain others, may not be approached since they do not appear to be current degree candidates. It is up to them and to any student who wishes to graduate at other than the usual time to inform the Office of the Registrar and his or her major department or program of this intention. No student who has failed to apply for the degree will be graduated. In addition, students who have or will have met graduation requirements after twelve terms (or fewer if a transfer student and if sufficient credits have been transferred to Dartmouth) are expected to apply to be graduated. They will be included on the graduation list.

Students are advised not to study off-campus or to plan to transfer credits in their last term, particularly if it is the spring term: the only acceptable evidence of work performed is a Dartmouth faculty grade report or an official transcript in the case of transfer credits. Students who do hope to transfer credits in time for graduation must, therefore, order an official transcript to be delivered directly to the Registrar's Office at the earliest possible date.

It is the duty of each student to keep track of progress in completing the various requirements. Each student has access to DartWorks, a degree audit report that is available on DartHub. The audit indicates the current standing of the student with respect to each degree requirement (other than those pertaining to a few major(s)).

No student may graduate who has any course recorded as incomplete, ON, or AD, no matter how large the course count. The problem may be resolved by normal completion of the course or conceivably by a drop without penalty if authorized by the Registrar and if the final course count is still at least thirty-five. Otherwise, the course may be assigned the grade of E without credit, provided again the final course count is still adequate.

Academic Standing

All students are considered to be in good academic standing who are eligible to enroll the next term. Note, however, the following regulation:

A student not in good academic standing as a result of his or her performance in the last term of enrollment preceding intended graduation, but otherwise eligible for graduation, may graduate only with special approval of the Committee on Standards.