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FILM 44.09 Cinematography I: Lighting and Composition

The primary focus of Cinematography I is to explore lighting and composition as an extension of cultural identity to explore how to use the apparatus of the camera to tell a compelling story visually.  In addition, we look at the elements of composition, aesthetic style, and lighting that factor into a visually compelling narrative. Whether fiction or non-fiction, or all around experimental, we ask the question- how can we use cameras to provoke emotional, visceral and even intellectual responses in the viewer. The course introduces students to the artistic and technical language used across analog and digital platforms but emphasizes experience. Students also gain practice in the following areas: Mechanical Camera Control and Operation, Lighting, Principles of Color, Exposure, Resolution/Depth of Field, Movement and Composition. Student mastery of these concepts is reinforced through dynamic class exercises and a final project. Additionally, students develop a sense of visual style and learn to interpret the appropriate application of it according to story or product.


I. Kwayana

Distributive and/or World Culture


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