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Organization, Regulations, and Courses 2021-22

MICR 144 Cellular and Molecular Basis of Immunity

This course will cover the biology and clinical aspects of the immune response. Students will use textbooks, review articles, and case studies to obtain an up-to-date understanding of how the immune system functions in health and disease. This course will combine didactic lectures, group learning and discussion. This course is designed to be a graduate level course that builds upon a basic introductory immunology course. The MCB Core course, an undergraduate immunology course, or a medical immunology course is a prerequisite, so the faculty will assume that all students have a basic understanding of how the immune response functions and the vocabulary of immunology. This course will explore topics in more depth, emerging research areas, and cover topics not typically covered in a basic immunology course.


Sentman and associates


A prior immunology course: BIOC 102, BIOL 046, or permission of instructor.