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ARTH 28.01 De-Centering the Renaissance

How was the Renaissance reshaped, reinvented, and transformed as it traveled across the globe during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries? This course challenges our definition of the Renaissance by highlighting art and architecture produced outside the traditional Italian centers of Florence, Rome, and Venice. Each week will focus on a region typically marginalized in Renaissance studies, from the Iberian Peninsula to Ottoman Turkey. We will consider topics such as: the exchange of models, techniques, and materials between foreign workshops; the traveling artist and architect; cultural and artistic hybridity; differing approaches to the revival of antiquity; the relationship between center and periphery; the development of local styles; and colonialism. Students will have an opportunity to think critically about how an art historical canon is constructed and how it might evolve. Throughout, we will question the current trend in the field toward globalism: what are the values and risks of this new approach to the study of Renaissance art and architecture?



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